Sherry? Sherry.


Hello cruel world. James wore a leopard print bra tonight (something from my lingerie wardrobe naturally), and black plastic spectacles. I wore civillian garb. We then proceeded to not one but two midnight breakfi (thats plural for breakfast). I was pleased with the vaganic…i mean vegan options. scramble scramble. muffin muffin. sherry sherry. we met up with James’ usual small army of asian prostitutes (small not only in number but also in stature…and probably breastical size). We were berated my the fascist cafeteria staff feeling a bit like we were pigs being led through the slophouse. we dined. we wined. we contemplated racial stereotypes. All in all, we rate the Kimmel midnight breakfast far superior to the dreary dungeon drudgery of Weinstein. I big fat bulbous hairy postulatary THUMBS DOWN to the dudgery, we repeat, DRUDGERY of the Weinstein breakfast of losers. You cunt be serious. Samantha would like to finish this post, but alas, James is a lazy cunt. Such is the sea foul scent of life. <DON INNERUP: RUUDE. OH, IS THAT WHAT YOU HAD SAID? yes cruel world. thats what we hath said….

Such is our life. At this moment in time we are a united front residing the the cold hard city so awful they named it twice. But soon we shall be parted. Jameson in Buenos AIIIIIIIres and Samantha in the altogether different rainy dampity damp London town. But they shall be connected by a shared passion for sherry and ridiculously opaque humor. So if you ever find yourself damp and isolated in your respective continent on this crude world, a feel the need to read the jumbled prose describing our respective (mis)adventures, just ask yourself one question: Sherry? The answer will always and inevitably be…Sherry. Classical capitalization and punctuation. always.

PS. our posts will inevitably contain references from which we derive inspiration for our posts. we want to share them with you. observe:
this movie is where we draw most of our inspiration, and how we see ourselves in real life:

and of course BON QUI QUI. who we aspire to be in our darkest of dark.

PPS. this blog is meant to be read drunk and in a theatrically British accent. Just as it was written.

James and Samantha


2 responses to “Sherry? Sherry.


    just kidding i love you and withnail too too too much

  2. i resent the “small-breasticled asian prostitute” stereotype.
    damn white trash.

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