Do those glasses have lenses?

today was the day that myself and raquella celebrated our respective days of birth. it was at our dorm. james and myself were qin attendance of course. anyone who was anyone was in attendance. those of you who were not….you know who you are and you are on my list of….people who didnt come to my party. you better make it up to me. wither next week or in another life. The party was a roaring success and is currently in the VIP only phase aka ppl hangin out in my poorly lit bedroom. so many people came that I hadnt seen in a very long time. some blind items:

1. who refused to pick up his ride unless she agreed to have a threesome with him and another partygoer?

2. which supposedly “straight” guest was seen rubbing another chump (an also co-author of this blog’s) ass all night?

3. Who drank all the punch?

4. Who told the host she was only going out ot have a cigarette and left without saying goodbye?

5. what fag got territorial about his hag?


but we do. and well keep it a secret for ever. until next drunken episode


gossip girls (aka james and samantha


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