london ice can freeze your toes, like anyone I suppose

Hello everyone! That was a hello a little louder than usual because now there is an ocean betweenst us. Many of you (oh large and faithful readership) have no doubt wondered what I have gotten myself up to these past weeks I have been abroad. Well its all been quite a blur to be honest, I think I still suffering from insufferable jetlag. Right now, my sleeping schedule has been thus. sleep: 2am-7am, wake: 7-11or12, sleep:12-4or5. This is not conducive to enjoying the city during daylight hours.

There have been a few situations of note I have found myself in. I found myself at the last night of the famed Astoria with a few of my newfound study abroad cohorts. This was my first taste (in a few months) of London nightlife, and it was quite a grab bag of things I noticed. One, people get far more dressed up here than they would in New York. Let me try and help you imagine it. Think of what you would wear if you were going to be a “hipster going out on new years”…for Halloween. Now double that. Thats kind of the look these hepcats were going for. Not that theres anything wrong with that. I think a nice dress up is fun every now and then, but it would be quite tiresome to do that nightly. I am more of a fan of the “day to night look”. As in…I dont like to change my clothes very often. Also, I don’t think shots are really something they do (or at least dont do well) here. When we requested whiskey shots at the bar, we were surprised at the relatively inexpensive price. Then we realized when the shots were delivered to us in those piddly little cups that looked like those things they give you at the doctors office, that these sad excuses would never cut the mustard in NYC. but c’est la vie. The music was absolutely cracking, both the live music and the DJs. Cajun Dance Party and Good Shoes played among others, and the DJs played tons of great britpop (including loads of my idols the Libertines), but also great tunes from our side of the pond, like Steal My Sunshine and Gangsta’s Paradise. Actually, I didnt really get to hear the end of Gangsta because I was caught smoking indoors by the fuzz. Apparently they are not as lax about it as they are in the states. Because I was manhandled against my will by a very stern policelady and thrown (almost literally) from the venue. No matter. We were leaving anyways. Then we went to this amazing chip shop i remembered from the summer (oh Alicia how i meeesss youuu) and found the night bus home.

The other memorable night came courtesy of my lovely London friend Tijan. Some local band called the Kooks or some such nonsense were playing this teensy club in Soho, so I braved the pouring rain to meet her there. Well, it turns out that there were a few other fools who turned out to see this little band, so we retreated to the Groucho Club, of which Tijan is a member. It was quite posh and nice, except for the little munchy sticks, which were coated in this bitter powder, which i was told was marmite. When I inquired as to exactly what marmite was, I wasn’t given a straight answer. I didnt eat very many. We eventually made our way over to our original destination after the mad crowds had died down a bit. We got in just fine but it was quite packed when we got downstairs. We managed to comandeer a table in the corner that quite literally seemed to be inside a fireplace. It was cozy. We were then joined by a fine friend of Tijan’s who seemed to think he was David Bowie with a pirate earring. Entertaining to say the least. I do hope I run into him again as he made me laugh. I think he plays music, although I havent heard it.

Oh yes, and somewhere in there I think we swore in a president didnt we? Well that was a fucked up oath if I ever saw one. Still, I made it a point to have a pint (or few) in honor of Racky. Thats my new name for him. pronounced like the Sylvester Stallone character.

OH and I found the perfect song for me a and Jah Mez. I’ve been meaning to show it to him, but the bugger is never on teh webz.
<a href="“>

love love love from cross the pond and more adventures to follow,
Dame Samantha

PS can you guess which quote is mine from Jah Mez’s quote wall in Hayden?


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