prisons are built with stones of law, brothels with bricks of religion

quite honestly dear readers, if I put this post off any longer the weekend festivities would start up again and then I would surely ne’er report the events of this weekend past. lets begin. on friday.

I got a text from my favorite Canadian (who now lives in London) Lee, who said he was galavanting off to Cargo to see some bands FO FREE. Well, you and I both know how I am unable to resist free things. So I went and my friends Emma and Ryan taggled along. Twas in Hoxton, which for those of you who DONT know, is vair vair trendalicious. but, sort of in the same way that Brooklyn is trendalicious. As in, annoying. Desperadoes lined up (or queue if you like) outside pretty much EVERY venue on the high street. I havent ever seen that in NYC. And it was only 830! They really start early here. So we get to Cargo, which was quite a cool little venue-bar-club. And it was free to get in, which I think made revelevers more amenable to purchasing alcohol, including yours truly. I was finally reunited with my long lost love of the summer: pear cider. I had two large (not meejum) bottles of its sweet sweet nectar, and I was quite le tipse. The bands were AWESOME though. Lee did not disappoint. The first band was this DJ group from Amsterdam called Nobody Beats the Drum, who were totally amazing and made me feel alive. They kind of were like if the Hives had decided to pick up turntables instead of guitars. Then there was this other band called Screaming Lights who were like Coldplay but with heavier guitars and a punkier attitude. I only caught the last of their set but it was EPIC.

Then we went outside and met some new fabulous friends (if you know what I mean) who took QUITE the shine to Ryan. They invited us (well really just him) to “the best party in east london!” called Trailer Trash. I felt that this would have been a bad idea. They looked like heavy opiate users. Then we went and dizzanced and I busted some moves. Got accosted by about 12 guys. What can I say, I ooze seckshul magnetism. After it was clear that I was either going to leave or go home with one of them, the three of us hi-tailed it out of there, took the night bus, got off at Gray’s Inn Road and inexplicably walked for what seemed like miles on the completely deserted street. Good times.

On Saturday…..what did i do…oh yes! I went to see Emma’s friend David Goo perform at the Borderline in Soho. I was still feeling a bit rough from the night before, but still found myself with a drink in my hand by 9pm. I was thinking to myself “good god! how do these people go out for so long? I cannot POSSIBLY see myself staying out past 2am. I feel like I could fall asleep right this minute”. I thought this because in my heart I am an old woman who should own many cats. Little did I know just how long this night would turn out to be. Anywhose, we met up with Emma’s friend Olly and the place was PIZZACKED. Like you couldnt move. So we moved over to the back of the bar area, far from teh stage so we could breathe. At the behest of my friends to “stop acting like im tired and just decide to get drunk” I had a few more drinks and then we moseyed down to the stage to watch David Goo. He was so hilarz. It was kind of like musical comedy but the music was like…actually good. I can think of others (ahem, FOTC) who might have slightly funnier jokes, but not as…shall we say dynamic….music. Here is a vid of him on some local TV. This song is just accoustic, but imagine its epicness with a like…five person band

And then Emma’s other friends joined us. And then we had moar drankz. and then somehow it was 3 am. And then we decided to go to Chinese food. And then her friend stayed at my place because he had catch the first train from Kings Cross. And then he tried to make me like Jazz. All told, I didn’t get to bed till 6am! WTF. All in a daisy’s work.

And then somewhere in the week, went to the Dublin Castle in Camden and my friend Chris proceeded to get in a fight/rapping duel with Kate Nash’s manager. It was funny, but it started to seem like they were actually going to start brawling those brutes so we left. And what happened next I cannot express in full detail because it is too painful. But it involved missing a night of drinking with Carl Barat (of the Libertines aka my most beloved band) by mere minutes. I needn’t detail further.

Moar adventures to come next week,

Dame Samantha


One response to “prisons are built with stones of law, brothels with bricks of religion

  1. never miss an opportunity to drink with carl again or i’m going to have to fly over there and slap sense into you!!!!!

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