I never resort to kissing your photo, honest. I just had to see how the chemicals taste there honey.

I originally intended this to be a weekend report post, but I shall make it playlist post instead because 1. I have to write a paper. which loosely translates into, I would feel guilty wasting even more time than I already have today. 2. This weekend was good but rather traumatic, and I’d rather not relive it at the moment. 3. Its snowing. That isnt really a reason, but I thought it neccessry to let you know.

This playlist (which is amazing, I’ll have you know) consisted mainly of the songs I’ve been jerkin’ off to lately. That may sound obscene but me and my jah-mez use it not always in a literal sense. But sometimes we do. It includes little trackie bottoms old and new, popular and obscure. I call it my London WINter playlist. Clever, I know, you needn’t tell me.

1. Horses – Roses Kings Castles (Babby Shmabbel’s Adam Ficek’s side proj. Sounds nothing like Babyshambles.)
2. Isolation – Joy Division (Classic. No explanation needed)
3. GMN – Screaming Lights (awesome new liverpool indie-synth-rock bonanza)
4. Heartbeat – Late of the Pier (my obsession is still going strong)
5. Barcode – Mongrel (bunch of indie guitar rockers (Matt Helders, Drew McConnell, Jon McClure) decided to back up rappers. Epicness ensued)
6. Local Town – Brighton Port Authority ft Jamie T (the BPA is another pseudonym for Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim. yeah.)
7. Lucky Number – Rialto (totally obscure early noughties band whom I happen to love, thanks to Sarah Lewitinn.)
8. Money – The Flying Lizards (explains my monetary sitch at the moment)
9. Babies – Pulp (new favorite Pulp song of the month, there always is one. watch the music vid. Jarvis looks like a girl w/ a beard. hot)
10. Sins of Love (Wah Do) – Vincent Vincent and the Villains (now extinct amazing motown-garage hybrid. thanks A BUNCH Rumble Strips)
11. I Have Forgiven Jesus – Morissey (me too Moz, me too. And he forgives you for being naked on the cover of your latest single)
12. Gloria – Patti Smith (such a girl crush. would def go lez for her)
13. Last of the English Roses – Peter Doherty (new single of new solo album, sounds like Gorrilaz. WIERD)
14. Cannonball – The Victorian English Gentleman’s Club (I love this band and have no info about them, but I don’t think they exist anymore. Awesome song though)
15. Bite Hard – Franz Ferdinand (Not sure I could ever not like a Franz album, this is a track from thier latest. Don’t be fooled by the slow start


I also watched Center Stage last night and it was so cheesy/awesome I nearly fell from the couch. I mean, how could you go wrong with way too many straight ballet dancers, only one stereotypical homo, a bulimic girl, a stage mom, way too many Mandy Moore songs(I think I counted about 5), and PETER “SANDY COHEN” GALLLAGHER? The answer is you cannot cannot go wrong. Just watch the final perofrmance of the cool “cutting edge” choreographer trying to STICK IT TO THE MAN. (ps both of the male dancers are supposed to be straight. uh huh.)


3 responses to “I never resort to kissing your photo, honest. I just had to see how the chemicals taste there honey.

  1. fucking right BPA!!! i am taking this mix immediately. ty bb

  2. totally heavy playlist. i dig it!

    est from XL xx

  3. booty booty booty

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