Is this the night of a new day dawning, a future bright that we can walk in? No, Its just another Monday morning, do it all over again.

I’m quite pleased with my morning mix of songs, and I thought it only fittin I unleash them on the world. Plus I get a weird satisfaction from posting mixtapes. It starts out slow and non-abrasive before you know it, you are pumped to get out the door. It clocks in at around 32 mins. Just enough time to brush your teeth, comb your hair and book it to your current place of enslavement

1. Super Furry Animals – Hello Sunshine (ok, ok, it mostly reminds me of the O.C.)
2. The Velvet Underground – Who Loves The Sun (surprisingly, not everyone)
3. Yeasayer – Sunrise (some Moroccan gospel dance music made by dudes in bk)
4. The Coral – In The Morning (great random single from a very underrated band)
5. Pulp – Monday Morning (will fill you with both despair and gritty resolve. awesome)
6. Morning Glory – Oasis (this song is about drugs i guess)
7. Babyshambles – Carry on Up the Morning (sorry. obligatory Libertines related track)
8.Matt & Kim – Daylight (could listen to this anytime of the day really, over. and over. and over.)
9. Smash Mouth – Then the Morning Comes (what?……WHAT?)
10. The Rakes – 22 Grand Job (hopefully you make more than this. but dont count on it. credit crunch. its not a cereal)



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