I don’t need any love cause I’ve got the elements, electric light electric license.

Oh, Sherry Sherry. I had such a bizarre day on Friday. I left my humble abode at 9:20 am and didnt return until 2am in the morntime. that is a 17 hour day for those of you who cannot count. After rubbing a logo off of thousands of CDs at XL for hours and engaging in some serious guitar hero world tour, I went “down the boozer” as they say in these parts and had some drinkys before I had to run up to Kilburn to do a trial bar shift at the amazing Luminaire. I tried to leave 20 minutes earlier than I did but I had to argue with Patrick about whether I could give him a cigarette or not. Needless to say, I was 20 mins late and out of breath after running the 3/4 blocks from the tube stop (perhaps I should down on my cigarette consumption….or not). Anyways, I got there, I came, I saw, I conquered, veni vidi vici blah blah. I have to say I impressed myself for the first time doing a real bartending job (and by that I mean not just pouring the vodka and soda from behind the DJ booth at Hanger Bar [RIP]). One thing that really puzzled me was the girl working beside me whose boyfriend was there the whole time. I don’t want to go into detail to protect the innocent but the disparity between the attractiveness of native couples here really blows my mind. I’ll leave it at that. After my shift I learned that the guy who runs the bar was born just a few hours away from me, and went to Chico State, He lived here illegally for four years before he married someone and now he’s here legally on his 7th year. He’s just living the dream y’all. After I left I had to scurry like a little mouse down to the tube station to get on the train before it shut down. I wandered over to Camden to meet my friend Chris and co. at World’s End. It was pretty fun, although we tried to go to Dublin Castle afterward and they weren’t letting anyone else in. God knows what was going on there. So we went back to King’s Cross, and decided to check my email. My ethernet cord was working about as well as a fucked clock so I had to go into the study room on my floor, accessible only by my room key/card. When I’d finished feeding my technological addiction, I skipped out the door, only realize that I had left my key card sitting on the table. Meaning I couldnt get into my room or back into the study room. I was stranded in the hall at 2am essentially clutching my laptop to my bosom as lost small child might clutch a teddy bear. The only thing I could think to do was listen for talking coming from someone’s room and then politely knock on the door and ask them to borrow their room key so I could get back in to the study room. I knocked on one door and heard someone say “hello’? from the other side. I tried to explain my sitch from my side, but I just sort of sounded like I wanted to knife him. So he finally opens the door. Naked. And hands me his key. I splutter something embarrassing/incomprehensible and run over to get my key. I guess I sort of forgot in was Valentine’s eve (like that even means anything). Oh well. Story of my life. Daily humiliation.

Also, on a music related note, I went to go see The Thermals with my friend Ryan last week at the Lexington. I had never heard them before, but they were refreshingly great. They kind of sounded like the music I would listen to when I was about 16, but in a very non-shitty way. Yes it was very American indie/alterative verging on pop-punk. But the lyrics were very catchy and they playing tight. I’ve been listening to the back catalog and and new single, and it’s really quite addictive. We ran into the lead singer on a fag break outside the front (cue Ryan jizzing himself in a fanboy tizzy) and talked to hm for awhile and turns out he grew up in Norcal as well. yay. He was lovely. They are opening for the Cribs at Heaven. A show that I regrettably do not have tickets to. If you have one, please hand over. Here are a couple of their songs. One is their new single Now We Can See, and the other is a song I knew I was in love with from the minute I heard it, from their debut album. It was recorded in a bedroom and it definitely sounds like it, but Its awesome.

Ryan also did a write up on All Things Go, on which he is a guest blogger.

Now We Can See

Back to Gray

Das Black Lips

I also went to see the Black Lips at Islington Academy on Sunday (which saw the demise of my phone). The crowd was mostly full of rowdy teenage boys, some looked about 12. I sadly sadly very sadly missed The Soft Pack’s debut London show, due mine and Ryan’s immediate need for curry. I can’t decide if it was worth it or not, its a close call. But that curry was pretty damn good. The Vivian Girls were their usual embarrassing selves. Yeah, ok, their album was good, whatever. But the truth is they suck live. So, I really don’t have much to say. Other than that they are very very not funny. Talking about malls and Twilight to a bunch of teenage boys won’t win you any prizes, no matter how aLt-bAbE you think you are. Anyways. The Black Lips were good. The mosh pit was intense, as to be expected, but I have to say, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be with the bands performance. They sounded fine, but they just didnt do anything very crazy and they didn’t talk allll that much. and they didn’t play Navajo or Veni Vidi Vici, two of my faves. Maybe they were trying to tone down their performance from last time at Heaven, where there was stripping involved, and Cole Alexander played the guitar with his dick. i think I would have preferred that show. But still. It was good. Glad I went. Pissed I missed the Soft Pack. Anyways here are 2 songs new/old/ Navajo from Good Bad not Evil and Short Fuse, from their new album, 200 Million Thousand.

Short Fuse

Ryan also did a write up for this show on All Things Go! Maybe I go to too many shows with Ryan…nah.


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  1. I don’t think I jizzed myself over the Thermals, thank you very much.

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