While everyone’s lost, the battle is won, with all these things that I’ve done.

Holy. Schnikies. Last night. Was insane. 2 days ago my dirty delectable friend Nicki told me that I would be accompanying her to the War Child Benefit at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Coldplay and The Killers were headlining. I was positively titilated because the Killers have been my one of my favorite bands since I was 14. Seriously Hot Fuss had such an effect on me, the title of this post was my senior quote. Sad but true. I had seen them once before in Sacramento. I was in the fronty front and I had just a jolly good time, so I was interested to see them in such a different environment. As for Coldplay….welll I couldnt give two tosses really but Nicki loves them.

So we arrive at around 1015 (it was a post Brit awards thing so quite late) so it was a but of a party atmosphere. We went to the guestlist lady who gave us VIP passes and aftershow wristbands. nice. We were directed to the 1st balcony, which I was a bit saddened by really because I was looking forward to having a bit of a rustle about down with the plebes on the floor, but I think our situation turned out to be better in the end. We looked around and there were about 5 people in the entirety of the balcony. We looked like fools really just standing around and thought….its a little bit funny…this feeling inside…so we went to a security lady and were like….ok lady…where CAN we go? and she told us where our little VIP area was. There was just the sound guy standing there. so I was like…ok so WHERE can we procure some booze…I DEMAND TO HAVE SOME BOOZE!!….ok I said it a bit more nicely than that….and she pointed upstairs. We went inside and it was just packy packed to the gills with rather important looking people. I felt like we were the youngest ones there which made sense after I looked at the price on my ticket…£100! At least its going to a good cause. So we finally make our way up to the bar. I spied with my little eye a glint of that bright orangey-yellow label of…thats right…Veuve Cliquot. I thought to myself, man I bet thats expensive. But I thought what the hell I’ll ask how much it is. The bartender replied, oh its free! FREE?!? if you know me well at all one of the few things I cannot resist is free alcohol. I’m trying to calculate how much I can drink before The Killers come on in my head when Nicki says, hey I think that’s someone famous over there. I looked and it was fucking RICHARD ASHCROFT. I heart the Verve with unbridled enthusiasm. But being the calm collected non-fan girl that I am, I kept it cool cat status and just looked at him in my perif the entire night. But jeeeeesus what a legend. After about a minute I was like….aaaaand theres Courtney Love. She was looking quite skinny but rather rough, teetering on these enormous strappy stiletto numbers. So after downing as much champy as I could and forcing Nicki to keep up with me (possibly against her will), we decided to get prime leaning action against the banister. There were only 2 people now in our little area, but soon realized that everyone in our area were probably still AT the Brits. So the Killers came on and I lost my shit as ush. No one else around us seemed very excited but this rarely curbs my dancing. They only played for 45 mins which was farrrr too short, but they played all the hits. I tried to call my 12 year old sister Kathleen during Mr. Brightside because the Killers are one of the few bands we both love. I think I spent about £6 on the call to CA but it was worth it. cuz I ❤ her. But yeah B. Flo and co were in top form and sounded great. After they were done our section and the seated part across from us slowly started filling up. And then The Edge walked up behind me. Closely followed by Bono. no biggie. I also had an nice view of the dude from Pet Shop Boys just below me. I got into quite the conversation with the man next to me who was a writer for The Times. It somehow ended with me giving him my famous spinach-mango smoothie recipe and him giving me his contact info cause he wants me to babysit his 5 and 8 year old daughters. Seriously I feel like every conversation I’ve had lately had ended with an employment opportunity.

So Coldplay went on, and I have to say it wasnt bad. Chris Martin is a very charismatic frontman. but I soon got bored and went on various errands…a booze run for my newfound friends….fag break where I ran into Murph from the Wombats…toilet run where I may or may not have seen Courtney Love smoking and crying. poor thing. Came back just in time to hear….well fuck me I don’t even know the names if their songs. But anyways. After Coldplay’s set ended..uh….Take That came onstage? Who apparently are the UK version of like N*Sync. But they just got back together I guess. Whatever. Then B-Flo and Bono came onstage to sing “All These Things That I’ve Done” which really quite possibly my favorite Killers song. Courtney had reappeared and was totally rocking out. It was quite literally surreal and very insane.

After that we went back up to the bar for the afterparty thingy which was basically the same thing as what we were doing before the show but with fewer people. I spied one of the guys a befriended during the open bar war standing by the backstage door so we went and chatted to him and his friend for awhile. They were very drunk and very funny. Then Sienna Miller moseyed by. what the fuck. It was just too much. Nicki felt that all that lovely VC was going to come spurting out her gullet, so we said our goodbyes (it was about 230am by this time). I made her stop at the 24 hour bagel shop on the way to the bus stop. so worth it. I might start going out in Shepherds Bush just to eat there. Sooo few things are open late here its vair vair annoying.

So I bade Nicki good luck with her tummy troubles, ran upstairs, fell onto my bed fully clothed and makeuped (incl. shoes). Slept for a few hours, managed to have breakfast with EmilyMollyTracyVanessa before running to the Kentish Town Forum where I now sit freezing my little bum off waiting for some silly Finnish Metal band to arrive. oh life.

Till next time my little poppets,
Dame Samantha


4 responses to “While everyone’s lost, the battle is won, with all these things that I’ve done.

  1. I cannot believe fucking Courtney Love was there. Bitch is my mortal enemy. Used to follow me around LA and now she’s stalking you around LDN? KILL HER WITH FIRE

  2. did you see the killers at sacramento memorial auditorium? because i was totally there and front row. they are my menz.

  3. I enjoy my name as part of a 4 person blob here. Also my last name is I-E, not E-I. But I appreciate the link nonetheless, and have just linked you 🙂

    Also, I’m not sure that we’re on the same study abroad program, because your life seems to be far fancier and glamourous than mine. Not fair!

  4. god dammit i need to come visit you

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