Are you still talking to all of those dead film stars like you used to? And are you still thinking of all of those pretty lines and perfect crimes like you used to love?

So here I am sat in office o’ production at KOKO in Camden. Its quite nice actually,the atmosphere is quite jovial, despite the tour manager that is determined to give American women a bad rap. Looks like another day spent knocking about on the internet and attempting to write a paper on the Situationists Internationale. Clearly its not coming along very quickly. In fact its not coming at all. If this paper were a dude, we would be having a very awkward time in bed together. Anyways, the past couple of days I’ve been quite out of the loop as I’ve just been mostly sleeping or working. I came home lastnight around 9:15 and thought ohhh I’ll just rest my head before texting Ryan back since I got home early. Next thing I know its ONE FORTY FIVE AM. thats right. my 20 min catnap turned into a four and a half hour sleep fest. I am really at my wits end with this whole veritable narcoleptic disorder i seem to be developing. I would say maybe I’m developing mono but I don’t really feel ill in any other way. Its just like, when I come home I am compelled to rest my eyes under my fluffy comforter like a heroin addict might be compelled to stick a spike in his vein. Anyways, Ryan, if you are reading this, sorry.

So. The most eventful part of the last week I suppose would be that I got to FINALLY see Peteahhhhhh Doherty aka love of my life at Shepherds Bush Empire (danke to M. Bates for the guestylist!). My plus one cancelled on me (its OK emz I still heart you) so I had to scramble around and find someone else to go with. I am happy that Tracy decide to throw responsibility to the wind and accompany me. We arrived in good time to get some dranks and viddy the end of the openers. I don’t really remember then I was too excited about the prospect of being within a 100 ft of P. Doh. He came on right on time and played for a little over an hour. I can honestly say (and Tracy wholeheartedly agreed) that it felt like it last five minutes. Every song just sort of melted into the other. It was wonderful. He was extremely well behaved and sound amazing. Like, for the first time I thought he actually had a classically good voice as opposed to just an acquired taste that I happen to have. I loved that Graham Coxon played with him, cause he is amazerazerazing and I am SO EXCITED to see Blur play Hyde Park this summer. Adam and Drew were looking spicy and snappydappy as ever, and there was even some string section that played during some songs. I was a bit envious of people in the pit, although we did have a very good view of the stage. I think I shall venture up Commercial Road for his show at the Troxy in March. ‘Citing. Standouts were “Last of the English Roses” Which is the new single off Grace/Wastelands, the acoustic version of “Music When The Lights Go Out” was tear inducing as usual, Time For Heroes was a total diva-licking banger with Graham Coxon finally playing Carl’s solo with some dignity for the first time since Pete’s been playing it without him. “I Am The Rain” was surprisingly quite good, and “New Love Grows On Trees”, which has been one of my favorite creations from way back in the Babyshambles Sessions of 2003, finally got a proper treatment, which made me just giddy. After the show I insisted at stopping at the 24 hour bagel shop as I always do when I find myself in Sheppy Sheppy Bush Bush and ended up get “mish-mash” on a plain bagel toasted, which the man at the counter says “no one has tried to order that ever before, so I’ll only charge you one pound for it”….fine with me old chap. It DID endup tasting a bit weird as the “mishmash” was actually just spiced mashed sweet potatoes. The carb on carb did not have the enhancing effect I was expecting. Ahhhh well. c’est la vie. Here is a multimedia extravaganza of Pete for you to enjoy. OH, and Pete won the NME award for best Male Solo Artist yay. He also got quite cozy with Carlos Barat aka his secret lover. Naturally the NME jizzed all over themselves (which caused quite a logistical problem considering the tightness of their jeans), so if you want play by play coverage, they gots it, I wont post all of it here. But you can check it out here

Last of the English Roses video: I fond it very odd that the lyrics of this song seem to be about a girl, yet the official music video features a total of zero girls, and to top it off, a semi-awkward guy on guy makeout sesh. This may be way out of the ballpark but Pete may be trying to tell us something: That all of his songs he pretends are about girls are actually about boys. More specifically Carl. Anyways YOU be the judge

And here is Pete talking backstage @ the NME awards saying that he WILL convince Carl to reform the Libertines. Which means I will obviously have to find a way to return here asap.

Thats all chums.


Dame Samantha


2 responses to “Are you still talking to all of those dead film stars like you used to? And are you still thinking of all of those pretty lines and perfect crimes like you used to love?

  1. hmmmm…..i wonder if he likes boys or girls?

  2. It’s cool, about that night. I forgive you!

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