Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges

hey yallz sorry we havent updated in a while but I’ve been. I don’t know. Busy living my life. I will start with most recently and work my way backwards. here goes.

Kacey, my little freshman friend has been visiting me on her spring break from NYU and we have been galavanting about town like two galavanting loons. Here is a list of things we have done
1. We went to Amsterdam. Twas fun. We got propositioned by prosties, ate a ton of frites, were kept awake at all hours by nazi-esque german boys (who kacey is sure called me a prostitute in german. cant blame the boy really), saw some cultural shit. and ate pancakes. and…uh….visited some coffee shops. good times.

2. We went to Camden Town to get lunch which ended up being a day long field trip to get my back tattooed. FInally we got it done just across the street in Kings Cross. It hurt like a BITCH and Emily, Ryan. and Kacey just sat there like a bunch of loonies whilst i felt like my epidermis was being ripped out by a scalpel. ick. but was all worth it in the end as i was rewarded with this banger. so straight and also parfait. It says: Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges. Which is Latin for: In the most corrupt state are the most laws. YAY.

3. Went to the Roxy. Drank the Stoned Peach pitcher between the 2 of us within about 12 minutes. Yeah. not quite the finest wine in all of humanity but it will do. Pretty sure 70% of my facebook pics are of me holding/hugging/making out with….a pitcher. note to self. replace pitcher with hot boys.

4. Went to Girl Talk. Was amazing. Got there 2 minutes before GT went on and still somehow managed to end up on stage within 2 feet of the dude. What I love about GT is that he is like…a totally normal dude. With just an enormous love and ear for music. I mean. He’s awesome. Livin the dream.

We’ve done more stuff but I can’t fully elaborate on it at the moment due to my deteriorating memory catch/herbal/bricklane/harrods/primark/hydepark/familydinner are a few other keywords that spring to mind.

What else have I done lately…nothing too spectacular. going out alot. went to a house party and drank a whole bottle of wine with a straw. got seckshully harassed by hoxton security. witnessed what I am sure to be domestic violence on Old Street. and other stuff. you know. the ush.

On the music front, I have been listening to some new stuff lately. The biggest surprise so far is a recent XL signing Golden Silvers. I had to transcribe all the lyrics from their debut album so I listened to it quite intensely obviously, and I have to say I really enjoyed every single song on the album. Which is a big rarity for a band I have never heard before. They are kind of like TV On the Radio mixed with Patrick Wolf mixed with….i dunno. and spaced out Colin Meloy. Really good and diverse mix of tracks. I think they iz gonna blow up. Listen to their Myspace tracks and prepare to be amazed.

Also, the new Morrissey album=love. I seriously don’t know how this guy is still putting out new music. Like…how many songs has he written? this is getting to the point of ridiculosity. stilll. Something is Squeezing my Skull and Throwing My Arms Around Paris. Come on. choonz.

And SPEAKING of Paris. I am going to be studying for a month and half at the Le Conservatoire Européen d’Ecriture Audiovisuelle with Tisch doing digital nonfiction filmmaking and studying French New Wave. Can I get a hellz yeah. Which also means I am graduating early. So before you all know it, I’ll be bugging you for a job. get excited.

Going to make a new mix to put up soon, but currently working the desk at XL so I don’t have access to my extensive and amazing audio library.

Till next time poppets,
Dame Samantha


One response to “Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges

  1. I agree with you about Morissey. My theory is that he’s secretly outsourced his songwriting duties to hyper-talented Sri Lankan children in a sweatshop.

    And I bet if you like Moz’s new one, you might like Wendy & Lisa’s new album = very cool. I think that you can still stream it for free from their site.

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